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The Beginning Zen Orientation Workshop will introduce you to Zen practice.

What is Zen?

There are several ways of answering this question. From the point of view of training and practice, we can say that Zen is a spiritual discipline to realize one’s True-Self. Zen accomplishes this through silencing the mind and the body using a basic tool: zazen – sitting, centered on the breath. The more one perseveres in Zen, the more one discovers that sitting can be practiced in all circumstances – whether it is washing dishes, changing diaper, or coping with the rush traffic hour, etc.

The word Zen is short from the Japanese zenna which comes from the Chinese ch’an or ch’anna and the Sanskrit dhyana, all of which means meditation or contemplation.
Practitioners of Zen commit to its discipline in order to find their True Nature. Dedicated and regular practice leads to deepening concentration.

For 2021, the Zen Orientation Workshop will be conducted on September 2021. Everyone is invited.

Here is a brief on what the Zen Orientation Workshop 2021 Schedule:

The Zen Orientation Workshop consists of 3 full days, each day comprising 2 sessions, as follows:

  • September 19, 2021 (Ruth David)

A compendium of the Practice is woven into these sessions that are closely interconnected.

The sessions consist of a lecture part series of six sessions following the Sosan no Hanashi that is also used in the Orientation sessions held in Kamakura, Japan of our Sanbo Zen lineage. The lectures are intended for you to get more in touch with the Self and, are thus more intuitive and less of an intellectual exercise.

Apart from the lectures, the actual practice of the zen protocols, mindfulness exercise/s, samu (work period), limbering exercise, meals meant for you to socialize and get to know each other more, sharing of experiences are included. A schedule of activities will be provided for each day of the 3 full days.

For those interested to participate, the priority of acceptance is given to:

1. Those who have attended a Beginning Zen–Introduction into Zen practice, the half-day seminar facilitated by Ruth David ( zencentermnl2021@gmail.com ).

2. Those who will complete the 3 full day sessions, as scheduled above.

It is hoped that after completing the sessions, you continue to Practice Zen, go for Shoken or your first Interview/Dokusan with the certified Teacher of our Sanbo Zen lineage, Elda Paz Perez Sensei. It will be an opportunity for practice with our regular Zen Centers, i.e., the Zen Center Manila, UP Bonsai Garden meditation and other affiliate groups or Zen Centers in the Philippines.

Should you intend to participate in sesshins run within our Zen lineage, the Sanbo Zen International, both locally and abroad, a Shoken is required.

Please wear comfortable sitting clothes — loose or stretch pants (no shorts) or long loose skirt, in plain (unprinted) dark or neutral colors. You will be asked to turn off notification and vibration noises from your cell phones in the zendo.  There is a Php 200.00 suggested donation for every Orientation Day consisting of 2 sessions, or a total Php 600 for the 3 full days to cover for meals and other miscellaneous expenses. If you can’t afford the suggested donation, please pay an amount that is within your means.


Zen Center Manila UP Bonsai Garden location map

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4 thoughts on “Zen Orientation Workshop

  1. I am a beginner, I missed the May orientation workshop, can I still come by one Sunday and sit with the sangha at UP without a shoken?


    1. hi, the sits are at the Heroes Hill Zendo in Quezon City on Sundays from 9am-12pm.
      The sits in UP bonsai garden are on Wednesdays from 5-7pm.


  2. been practising zen together with Sis ROsario Battung, RGS
    way back late 90’s at Maryridge Tagaytay. After finishing
    my seminary, seldom I practised it. There were times the that , I was the
    one leading our zen meditations every saturday . Im hoping I
    could sit back again and practise Zen. Looking for a sangha too.


    1. Hi Elmer,
      Zen Center Manila, an affiliated Sanbo Zen sangha has shifted zazenkais online during this pandemic. We have a Facebook community page which you may want to follow.


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