Beginning Zen Seminars: Introduction to Zen Practice


The Beginning Zen seminars will introduce you to Zen meditation (ZAZEN). The sessions are intended for the new practitioner or student who wants a foundation and experiential background in Zen. These Saturday weekend 3-hour sessions will include short periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindfulness meditation and informal talks relating to actual Zen theory, discipline and most importantly Zen practice.

There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion and sharing. Senior practitioners are often available to talk about meditation and the purpose of practice after the sessions. There is no pressure or expectation to join anything, or continue coming after your initial visit.


There will be a Beginning Zen Webinar via Zoom on September 19, 2021, 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the Philippines via Zoom.  Interested to join? Please register and reserve a slot with Ruth David click

What to Bring: you don’t need to bring anything.

What to Wear: When you come to the Zen Center Manila for sitting meditation be sure to wear non-eye catching, loose and comfortable clothing that covers most of your skin: long pants and below the knee skirts are recommended. Tight denim jeans are difficult to sit in, and shorts and tank tops are not considered appropriate attire in the zendo. Colors should be subdued and solid, preferably of the neutral colors in darker shades (black, grey, blue, brown) and white, beige, or taupe are also acceptable. Tops without writing or distracting graphic prints are preferred. Also, no cell phones in the zendo. If you happen to have it with you, be sure all notification noises and vibrations are turned completely off or muted.

A minimum contribution of Php 300.00 seminar fee is requested for every session. If you can’t afford the suggested seminar fee, please pay an amount that is within your means, no one is turned away. Everyone is welcome.

Visit our web page: Beginning Zen Seminars in UP Bonsai Garden Meditation Center

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