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Click here for the 2018 Schedule for Zazenkai & Sesshins

Zen Center Manila is a community of Zen practitioners in the Philippines.  Our sangha (community) is based in Quezon City, and we have affiliate sanghas in other parts of the archipelago.

 At the Zen Center Manila, we view introducing Zen and Mindfulness meditation to the public as a service we offer to the community, regardless of whether or not you decide to continue after your first visit. Our teaching and methods are focused on two principles: providing a venue for personal spiritual development and familiarizing people with standardized Zen training practices, protocols and etiquette.

 Our meditation practice-zazen- follows the Sanbo Zen International school. We are a lay lineage of Zen practice which combines its Soto heritage with a program of Rinzai koan study. Our teachers and senior students continuously train in Kamakura, Japan and deepen their practice through the annual teachers’ training, under the leadership of Sanbo Zen International Abbot Yamada Ryoun Roshi.

We hold regular Zazenkai (sitting meditation) in the Heroes Hill Zendo in Quezon City every Sunday and at the UP Diliman Bonsai Garden every Wednesday. We conduct Orientation workshops, zazenkai (sitting meditation in a group) and sesshin (zen retreat).

We’re here to answer your questions about the Zen Center Manila’s programs and to support your practice however we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out—we’d be glad to hear from you. To learn about how you can practice zen, visit our Beginning Zen Page.

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  1. benjamin faraon

    Hi my name is benjamin faraon n I m a member of ur Sangha when I was in Quezon City, sometime jan 1977 I sat with d group who did d first sesshin with our founding Yamada Roshi n Sister Elaine n for several years I did Zazen till maybe 1983 when I went to USA. I m coming for a visit sometime Sept of this year. Can I sit down with the group again? Thank you…


    • hi benjamin,

      thank you for contacting us. We welcome fellow zen practitioners to come and sit with us. pls contact our coordinator Ada Loredo for more information about joining the sitting schedule. salamat, rudi tabora


  2. Hi! I’d like to explore Zen meditation. When is your next 3-weekend orientation and where? Thanks!


    • hi coy,

      salamat for contacting us. our next schedule for the 3-weekend orientations are: October 9, 16 & 23. if you are eager to start your meditation practice, may i suggest you visit our satellite center located at the UP Bonsai Garden, Diliman. We offer beginning zen seminars here. Here’s the link to the webpage. https://bonsaigardenzen.wordpress.com/


  3. Hello, I am looking for a zen meditation practice near Paranaque City. Do you have any classes there? Thanks. Jonathan (09175135250)


  4. hi po, im olga of valenzuela city im interested in zen meditation practice. is there a place near valenzuela city po where i can join…thx


    • rodelbanares

      Hi Olga. We have a zen center in Heroes Hill near Fisher Mall and also one in UP Diliman. I forwarded your message
      to our head of orientation, who will get in touch with you via the email address you gave. Gassho.


  5. Hi! I saw this site in one of the anxiety & depression facebook pages few mins ago. I’m just wondering if I can join this group esp that I have anxiety & depression too. I live in Marikina. Any recommended place/hub where I can join nearest to my place?


    • hi Dan,

      The Zen Center for Oriental spirituality is located in Provident Village; you can contact them through their Facebook page: Zen Meditation in the Philippines.


  6. Hello! Do you offer Mindfulness certification for facilitators? Thanks!


    • Hi Mondo,
      We do not offer Mindfulness certification for facilitators. We offer a venue..our Zen Centers to persons who want to practice Zen with a community of like minded individuals.



  7. Hi.
    Would appreciate if you can please advice what other options you have for beginners but is unable to come to QC. We live in Makati.


    • Hi Rachel,

      For those who are new to Zen practice, we recommend joining a Beginning Zen Seminar or Orientations that we offer at the UP Bonsai Garden Meditation Center. After the introductions you have the option to join our group meditations at our affiliate Zen Centers located in Metro Manila…QC or Makati.


  8. Renante B. Calamohoy

    Hi…I want to learn this as well. Mai I know if I am welcome to join?


    • Hi Renante,

      Newcomers to Zen practice are recommended to join introductory Beginning Zen orientations and seminars that we conduct specifically for those who want to learn and begin a meditation practice. Please visit our Beginning Zen webpage in this site for details and information. thanks.


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